MC 2020


24.05.2020: We updated the Evaluation Details

After multiple requests, we placed a quick tutorial for the optil submission online. The tutorial contains a file that should run out of the box for the model counting track and which you should be able to adapt easily.

23.05.2020: We updated the Evaluation Details

The TU Dresden cluster is still not available. However, a collegue at TU Wien allows us to run the final evaluation on his cluster. Hence, we can extend the overall runtime. Optil evaluations will remain with 900s timeout for now.

21.05.2020: Deadline Extension for the workshop and the Model Counting Competition

We decided to extend the deadlines.

20.05.2020: Release of Track 3 (PMC) Instances and Optil is Delayed

There was a major security incident at the cluster of TU Dresden, see.

Currently, we have no access to our benchmarking data for Track 3.

04.05.2020: submissions available

We have finalized the instances for all three tracks and are in the process of publishing the submission for Projected Model Counting. Submissions at are already available for Model Counting and Weighted Model Counting.

03.05.2020: Public Benchmark Instances for PMC available

For details see descriptions.

03.05.2020: Public Benchmark Instances for WMC updated

We had a bug in the instance generation after preprocessings with certain preprocessors (which also required reselecting the instances). Fixed instances are available now.

For details see descriptions.

21.04.2020: Public Benchmark Instances available

See online. Tracks on optil will follow soon.

10.04.2020: Format Testing possible for Model Counting, Weighted Model Counting and Projected Model Counting

07.01.2020: Call for Benchmarks online

18.12.2019: Website online