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Workshop on Counting, Sampling, and Synthesis 2024


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The Workshop on Counting, Sampling, and Synthesis is an event for researchers in model counting and sampling. It covers advanced topics such as weighted and projected counters/samplers and various domains such as SAT, SMT, ASP, and CP. This year, the workshop has expanded its focus to include the role of model counters, samplers, and solvers in automated synthesis. The goal of the workshop is to facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge theoretical and practical insights, with a particular emphasis on innovative solver technologies and their real-world applications. Additionally, the workshop provides an opportunity for developers of model counters to showcase their work and share detailed competition results, to encourage discussions that bridge theory and practice.


This year’s event will be held alongside other workshops at the SAT 2024 conference. For more information, please visit the SAT 2024 website.


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You can showcase your best work in counting, sampling, or synthesis, whether it has been published elsewhere or not. Presenters can choose between giving a talk or presenting a poster. Each talk will have a 20-minute time slot for the presentation, followed by a 10-minute Q&A session.


  • Submission. There are no specific format requirements. We expect you to provide a reasonable description in PDF format and upload it on EasyChair.
  • Procedure for selecting papers. All submissions will be reviewed by 1-2 program committee members, who will make recommendations for paper selection. If there are too many talk submissions, some authors may be requested to present a poster instead.
  • Plans for dissemination. There will be no proceedings, but the abstracts and slides will be made available on the website. If authors decide to prerecord a video, it will be shared with the participants.


If you have any questions about the workshop, the best way to contact the organizers is by emailing mcw at



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