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Workshop on Counting and Sampling 2021


The International Workshop on Counting and Sampling aims to provide a venue for researchers working on model counting such as model counting (mc), weighted model counting/sum of products (wmc), projected model counting (pmc) as well as sampling models within the realm but not restricting to Boolean satisfiability (SAT), satisfiability modulo theories (SMT), Answer set programming (ASP), and constraint programming (CP). It encourages to meet, communicate, and discuss the latest theoretical and practical results, in particular results on novel solvers, related solver technologies, new theoretical advances, practical academic and industrial applications as well as the linking theory and practice. The workshop is also the place for developers of model counters to present their solvers and the presentation of detailed results on the model counting competition.


We refer to the SAT 2021 Website.


Workshop requires no registration fee. Please, register on the SAT 2021 Webpage. If you select workshop only, registration is free.


See Detailed Program of the Workshop


  • June 1, 2021: Abstract submission deadline
  • June 10, 2021: Notification to authors
  • June 12, 2021: Program available on the workshop website
  • July 6, 2021: Online Workshop.
    Timeslot of about 3 hours in the late afternoon CEST, in time between 4:00pm and 8:00 pm (CEST).


You present your best work related to counting and sampling, be it published elsewhere or yet unpublished. Due to travel restrictions throughout Europe and the world, we expect an online workshop.

Agenda / Talks

  • 15min (Talk, live or pre-recorded)
  • 10min (Q&A)
  • 5min break


Submission: We place no format requirement. We expect that you provide a reasonable description in txt or pdf-format and upload this on Easychair.

Procedures for selecting papers: All submissions will be reviewed by 3-4 program committee members and papers will be selected based on their recommendations.

Plans for dissemination: There will be no proceedings, we will make the abstract, slides, and recorded video publicly available at the website. If the authors agree, we will also place this publicly as a tarball under CC-BY on a public repository such as Zenodo.

Out of Scope

Papers claiming to resolve a major long-standing open theoretical question in Mathematics or Computer Science are outside the scope of the workshop.


  • Johannes K. Fichte, TU Dresden, Germany
  • Kuldeep Meel, NUS, Singapore
  • Markus Hecher, TU Wien, Austria
  • Mate Soos, NUS, Singapore


For any questions related to the workshop, the preferred solution to contact the organizers is to send an email to mcw at

Johannes Fichte
TU Dresden
Fakultät Informatik
01062 Dresden, Germany

Markus Hecher
Technische Universität Wien
Institut für Logic and Computation 192-02
Forschungsbereich für Datenbanken und Artificial Intelligence
Favoritenstraße 9
A-1040 Wien, Austria