MC 2023


The 5th Competition on Model Counting (MC 2024) is a competition to deepen the relationship between latest theoretical and practical development on the various model counting problems and their practical applications. It targets the problem of counting the number of models of a Boolean formula.

Further details on the competition can be found at: Competition 2024

Workshop on Counting and Sampling

The International Workshop on Model Counting and Sampling aims to provide a venue for researchers working on model counting such as model counting (mc), weighted model counting/sum of products (wmc), projected model counting (pmc) as well as sampling models within the realm but not restricting to Boolean satisfiability (SAT), satisfiability modulo theories (SMT), Answer set programming (ASP), and constraint programming (CP). It encourages to meet, communicate, and discuss the latest theoretical and practical results, in particular results on novel solvers, related solver technologies, new theoretical advances, practical academic and industrial applications as well as the linking theory and practice. The workshop is also the place for developers of model counters and samplers to present their programs and the presentation of detailed results on the model counting competition.

We plan to organize this year’s workshop as a part of the SAT Conference 2024. Further details will be published at: Workshop on Counting and Sampling 2024


On behalf of the Program Committee of MC 2024, we invite you to participate in the sponsoring of metals and travel support for the winners.